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All popular file formats: Audio, Video, Images, Documents
Organise people, community, and data


Yodel is a cutting-edge Social CMS. Whether you have a small office or a large corporation; run a neighbourhood website or an enterprise-class network — it’s the ideal platform to provide a high-level of interactivity between your people, their media, and the community you wish to build around them.

As with any best-in-class social network, it starts with the people. With fully-customisable and rich profiles, driven by what your members bring to it, Yodel develops organically and effortlessly with your organisation.


The difference is.....

It’s yours!

Why entrust your data to a public network when you can tailor every facet of privacy and activity within Yodel’s eco-system, as well as how it taps into the internet at large.

It’s easy to use!

Not interested in a system only ‘the IT staff’ know how to use? Neither are we. Whether you have collections of documents, images, audio, video, or links — simply drag and drop and let Yodel take care of converting and organising it for you. And with all the features you’ve become accustomed to in those public networks, your users will need little guidance to begin contributing and collaborating.

It’s proven!

Yodel is already in use by dozens of organisations across government, education, academic research and commercial sectors, and it's been well-tested in the most demanding and varied environments.

Take Yodel for a test drive today. Then whether you want to DIY, or have our team design & develop a custom platform for you, please contact us to assist in choosing a package that’s fit for your needs.

Rich Media

  •   Upload any media format
  •   Cross browser/device compatible
  •   Share among others


  •   Inbox
  •   Notifications
  •   Forums

Community Building

  •   Public and private groups
  •   Group discussion boards
  •   Run competitions